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Answers to Many Inquiries


How much does it cost to play Eagles Baseball?

Do players have to tryout?

The simple answer is yes. 

Is Eagles Baseball a Christian run organization?

$575 for the season. $50 is due upon making the team. The Remainder is due on February 1, 2022. 

Do you fundraise?

Yes! We conduct frundraisers periodically throughout the season to help cover costs.  We also do a team sponsorship fundraiser to help off set the remaining $525 that is due.  Dollar-for-dollar the amount raised by a player goes towards covering that cost.

How many players are on the team roster?

Does everyone receive equal playing time?

No.  Playing time is earned and determined by the coaches based on several factors. Not everyone will receive equal playing time, but every player has an equal opportunity.

Are the coaches parents of players?

Yes. As such, we pray as a team before practices and before games. Also, we do not tolerate foul language, nor talking back to coaches and/or umpires. A player does not have to be a Christian to play for Eagles Baseball, but they need to be aware that we do pray. 

Does the team travel far?

Most travel out of the CSRA area is on Saturdays.  The farthest we typically travel is 2-1/2 hours to play other homeschool teams throughout GA and SC.

The final number of players on the roster is determined by the head coach based on the needs of the team for that season.  Typically it is between 13-18.

In middle school, all bats must be no more minus factor than -5 and must have the USABat licensing stamp on it.  In high school the minus factor must not exceed -3 and the bat must be BBCore rated.

What type of cleats can I wear?

Will I get a uniform?

Each player will receive a home and an away jersey and baseball cap.  

Do I need to wear an athletic cup?

In middle school, you can only wear rubber cleats.  In high school, you may wear metal or rubber cleats.  But you will also need molded cleats or turf shoes for use on our home field.

Do I need to purchase baseball pants?

Yes.  You will need a pair of baseball pants for practices.  You will also need to purchase 2 pairs of pants, one for home and one for away.  You will be informed on what color to purchase once the uniforms are determined.

Yes in middle school.  In high school it is optional (except for the catcher which is mandatory) but it is highly recommended to always wear one..

Is there anything else I need?

You will need a baseball glove.  Also, you will need to wear a baseball cap when on the field for all practices.  

What type of bat do I need?

Yes and no. The head coaches of both the high school and middle school teams are not parents. They are hired coaches and they determine playing time for the players and which players make the team. The assistant coaches can be parents of players. The assistants are determined by the head coaches.

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